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About Hunter Media

Hunter Media was founded in 1994, although our experience in Outdoor Advertising started in 1980 and from then to now there have been many changes.  Advertising structures were made of wood, now they are steel, they had multiple poles. now monopole, they were hand painted, now computer generated vinyl covers the face or digital faces.  Hunter Media has not only watched these changes, we have changed and evolved right along with the industry, providing you with up to date capabilities and knowledge. 

Buying Outdoor Advetising is a complex, time consuming, and potentially costly process for the time-pressed media buyers, business owners, and advertisers to navigate.  The average market buy requires proper evaluation and research, which often includes contact with at least 5 seperate vendors.  With the knowledge and expience of Hunter Media behind you, you will know you haven't missed a vendor with the best locations or rates.  Hunter Media has refined and simplified this process into a cost and time saving process that is to your advantage as a client.  We aggresively negotate amongst the ever-growing multitude of outdoor vendors and space owners on your behalf.


Would this even be possible if Outdoor Advertising wasn't an effective media to reach your customers or to make an impression.

Some argue that the internet is the advertising medium of this era, however, if you look around at billboards, companies like Yahoo and Google use this medium to promote their presence and to interest their potential customers.