Why Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor Advertising reaches people where they live, work, and play.  When used creatively, it impacts the consumer, your customer.  Using humor, images, recognizable logos, or a catchy phrase.  You have the opportunity to reach anyone on foot, on a bike, or in a car.  Outdoor Advertising cannot be turned off or put down, unlike TV, radio, or print. 

Why Hunter Media?
Outdoor Advertising is ALL we do!

We specialize in outdoor advertising, think of us as an Unbiased Partner.  With Out-of-the-Box thinking and an eye on what is really exciting and currently working, we recognize that any outdoor advertising space can be researched, found, negotiated, rented, and monitored, all by Hunter Media.  We provide individualized service on all scales.  By utilizing a diverse inventory within the industry we provide you with the best coverage and pricing all with a single point of contact, allowing you to make the most educated and effective media choice to engage your target audience, and reach your impression, and advertising goals, from a single transit shelter to a multiple bulletin agreement.

Outdoor Advertising, the Medium of Choice

  • Outdoor is an essential component of every Media Buy
  • Outdoor remains the true 24/7 form of advertising
  • Outdoor is more cost effective per impression than other media.

Advertising strategy has been an issue that presents many issues.  Print v. Radio v. TV v. Outdoor.  Internet Advertising has become the rave, but have you noticed that even they advertise on Outdoor advertising structures?

Eyes on Impressions are the new standard in many forms of media measurement.  Confusing and complicated it provides a number of weekly impressions of persons over 18.  The intention is to have one number set for all media for side by side comparisons.