Services Offered by Hunter Media

A Single Point of Contact for ALL your Outdoor Media, Production, and Maintenance

  • Proposal Services
    Hunter Media will note your criteria and goals and evaluate your needs.  We will them provide you with a single easy to read, comprehensive proposal that will include location lists, mapped locations, rates, terms, traffic counts, Eyes-on-Impressions, available dates, and photo sheets.
  • Consultation Services
    From your criteria and goals, and proposal, Hunter Media will explain and discuss each locations pros and cons, and how and why such locations were offered.  We will explain strong points and weaknesses, evaluate traffic and impressions and how they meet or exceed your needs.
  • Buying Services
    Hunter Media will negotiate the best rates, terms, contract, and locations on your behalf.
  • Artwork Services
    Hunter Media can present, provide, and design artwork to your specifications.  We can work with your existing artwork provider or agency. 
  • Production Services
    Hunter Media uses multiple Large Format Printers.  We can produce small and large quantities of standard to high resolution, temporary to permanent, and banner to bulletin type media in an array of materials, from Paper, Specialized Plastics, PVC Vinyl, and Eco-Flex Materials. 
  • Maintenance Services
    Hunter Media will notify you of any status of contracts, artwork, and expirations.
  • Monitoring Services
    Hunter Media will track and notify you of any upcoming locaitons that could be advantages to your advertising campaign, or any artwork currently posted that exceeds your specified criteria, contract status, and expirations.
  • Scheduling Services
    Hunter Media will schedule roll-outs of marketing plans, campaign media, postings, and rotations of any display of that type.
  • Reporting Services
    Hunter Media can provide maps of proposed locations or current locations with applicable copy, report on aging of posted copy, production times, completion photos, and contract status.

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